Sunday, February 18, 2007

Independence Day, Another Adventure In Home Theater

Last night one of our favorite movies of all time was on TV, Independence Day.

I decided that this would be a fine opportunity to crank up the Barrett home theater system.

Of course there were a few hurdles that needed to be fixed. The Home Theater computer (The PC PC) does not have a TV tuner card in it. That meant that I had to either use The Cardboard Box, or the aging Apple.

In a snap decision I settled on the cardboard box. Unfortunately due to the somewhat delicate nature of it, I was very loathe to move it. So we were going to have to situate the projector in a part of the data center (living room), that we do not usually use.

The biggest problem was that the projector was going to be projecting right into the window. A quick bit of McGyvering and we had a screen, two pieces of Styrofoam and some sticky tape!

The next issue was sound, the Cardboard Box is missing a funcky cable that needs to go from the TV tuner card to the sound card. I know I have more than one of them, but God only knows where!

My solution... we use the speakers on the Apple, so we listened to the Apple while we watched the Cardboard Box! hahahahaha

Another fine evening of entertainment at the Barretts!

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