Sunday, June 25, 2006

AWEB#1 Morlands from Abingdon, England

Seeing as how I grew up in a pub I think it is only fitting that my first beer should be dedicated to the brand that my father sold. Morlands was a small regional brewery based in the town of Abingdon. The brand still exists, but the actual brewery closed in 2000 and was turned into appartments. I am sure if I devil around on google enough I can find some pictures.

In the late 60's my family was 'big into' Morlands, my father had 'The Hare'.

My Uncle Eric, a fine rogue from way back had the "Horse and Harrow" in West Hagbourne.

And my cousin Brian ran "The Fox" in a small village called Denchworth.

Yup, we were a Morland family!

Of all the products out of the Morland brewery my favorite is (tho its been a while since i had it) their regular Bitter. It has a light nutty flavour, it is the ideal summer beverage. Alas I could not find a picture of a glass of Morlands, so you will have to put up with their beer coasters instead.

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WagerWitch said...

That Rocks - growing up in pubs like that.

WHat a lot of characters you must've met and interesting stories heard!!!

Share some of them sometime - and stay on BlogClicker.

Good Luck

Wager Witch