Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Google Trends and Nipples

If you read my previous post you will have seen Google trends. I really like it, I think it is a hoot to play with. Maybe there are even sensible things that you can do with it. But, for me the using it for inane purposes is my favorite.

I did an analysis of the search term 'Nipple', I was quite surprised by the result. The country with the most searches for 'Nipple' was India. As far as the US was concerned it was in a solid second place, tho there was a huge spike in 'Nipple' searches right after the Janet Jackson Super Bowl fiasco.

One of the other interesting facts that Google Trends revealed was the Germans do not seem to be interested in nipples as much as people from the Neatherlands and Belgium. I think this is bizzare, I had always pegged the germans as Nipple people! hahahahaha

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