Saturday, June 24, 2006

Blogs - Some Assembly Required!

On Christmas Day I dreaded those words.... 'some assembly required', almost as bad was 'batteries not included'. For years my Christmas morning was spent building Space Stations, Castles, and 'Places that Barbie and Ken wanted to vacation in'.

I have discovered that playing in the world of blogs also has that 'some assembly required' problem.

I like Blogger, its nice and easy. You can write whatever you want, click on the Publish button and you are done! Your whine about the government, the cost of gas, Namibia's fine maternity facilities, they are right there!

Alas it is somewhat more involved if you want to change the way your 'blog' looks. If you have a PHD in astrophysics you can 'edit the template'. I have edited mine a few times, and every time I would have taken a root canal instead.

Today I just wanted to make a minor change, I wanted to put my picture on it. Sounds simple doesn't it? Well it is not. You have to leap through hoops to do it.

Actually the picture problem was relativly easy, you just had to insert some funky stuff called tags.

Too funny, hahahaha, I can't show you the exact HTML, cos Blogger wants to use it.

The bigger problem was the silly clock I decided to incorporate. It's harmless, it just sits over on the right side of the screen and tells you the time in Calgary. In 'Blogger' land it is in the 'side bar'. I have tried 8 ways to sunday to center it in the sidebar. I swear it cannot be done!

I have never claimed to be an HTML expert, hell I ain't even a HTML apprentice, all I want is for it to work!

Have a great weekend! I know I will.

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AmPowerBlog said...

Hey Man:

The clock might look okay if you put a space between the bottom of the clock and "Calgary, Alberta." Look at your template and find the spacing code that starts with h2... and put a space in there. That ought to do it. I've had loads of problems with my template as well.

Good luck.