Monday, June 26, 2006

AWEB#2 Morrells of Oxford

One of the sad things about the "Around The World in Eighty Beers" project is that a turns out a lot of the beers (both good and bad) have disappeared over the years. A good example is Morrells brewery in Oxford.

In the mid 1970's about once every couple of weeks I'd head off to the 'bright lights' of Oxford for some serious 'Pub crawling'. One of the beers that was common in Oxford was Morrells. I believe that they had had a brewery in Oxford for something like 200 years.

You would think that with that kind of practice they would be able to brew a decent pint. Alas that was not the case, Morrels was definitely not on my top ten list of cold beverages. It always tasted like the brew master had washed his socks in the barrel.

My friends and I had a standing joke that Morrells was a lot like fine French wine, and elderly mothers, none of them traveled well, and the 5 mile trip from brewery to pub must have upset the delicate balance of the beer.
Morrells ceased beer production in 1998, tho my research online seems to indicate that they are now part of the 'Greene King' empire, and the beer in name at least can still be found. Hell maybe the new brewers are better than the old brewers and are producing a product that travels better.

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