Saturday, June 10, 2006

Flat Surfaces, the good, the bad, and the ugly!

I have always been a fan of flat surfaces. They are in my humble opinion a 'must have'. When my wife and I first moved into our current cave (appartment), we were sadly lacking in flat surfaces. I had a six foot folding table for the main computers, and that was it.

It was ok for a week or so, but gradually the nagging started, "we need a kitchen table".

The kitchen table was suplied by my neighbor Bud, Bud is a collector of 'stuff'. It does not matter much what the 'stuff' is, he collects it.

I noticed that Bud had a green garden (plastic, and slightly used) table. Over a nice chat I asked him how much he wanted for it, "If you can carry it it is yours", he tells me. OK, so now we have a bright green plastic patio table in the kitchen. No problem! A white cloth and it looks like a regular table (just not quite as sturdy as a real one).

Over the next few months the collection of flat surfaces grew, one night while returning from a trip to the beer store I noticed that our local doctor had thrown out several rather nice flat surfaces. It took 4 trips with the Safeway shopping cart I borrowed to get them home.

"What is the point of this post?", I hear you ask. Well I think my love of flat surfaces is rubbing off on my wife. I was out in the backyard yesterday when she got back from a trip to Wal Mart, she had decided to walk down the back alley and when she saw me she shouted "Oh honey, oh honey, come look what I found". So off I went, she led me about 10 feet down the alley, and pointed. "Look honey a flat surface". There was a coffee table in the bushes!

It must be catching, even Jan is now refering to them as flat surfaces.

Unfortunatly the surfaces do not remain flat for long in out household. Most are covered in computers or typewriters.

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