Sunday, July 23, 2006

AWEB#11 Simons Homebrew

The great beer strike of 86 went on way too long. Things got so bad that I took matters into my own hands.

I had no experience with brewing, but, what the hell, how hard can it be?

A trip to the local Home making beer and wine store made me quake. The whole meal deal was over $100. That was way too much money.

I did find a kit in a can for $5, that's more my kind of price range. Of course I would have to improvise on the actual equipment.

My wife had a big pan, so that's what I used to stew all the icky stuff in.

The big issue was where to put it so it could rest. I had no bottles, and even if I had bottles, I had no way to put caps on them.

My solution to this problem was a trip to 'Canadian Tire'. I bought 2 5 gallon plastic gas containers.

The first part of the process went quite well. I boiled water, put the 'dehydrated' beer mix in, and filled up the gas cans.

About 2 weeks later..... My boss (actually my bosses boss) gave me a ride home. Being the consummate host I asked John if he would like a beer. John said 'sure, where the hell did you get beer from'?

"uh, it's homemade"

It tasted like something no sane person would put in their mouth, but, it had a kick like a mule. The biggest hurdle was opening the Gas can. The yeast had worked its magic and the Gas Can was about 25% bigger than the one I bought in the store.

John and I hardly put a dent in the can! Serious drinkers, Serious drink, Serious hangover the next day.

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