Monday, July 10, 2006

Getting Rich Online

This sounds like such a great idea. There have been a couple of great examples recently. Some guy started with a Red Paperclip

and turned it into a house in less than a year by swapping it for stuff.

Another guy created the Million Dollar web page, the idea was you could by a pixel for a dollar, buy a bunch of pixels and you could put your ad on his page.

The guy did it! He made his million dollars.

So I have decided that this is the new 'growth' area. Making money by doing stupid things. I had a great plan, I was gonna put a 'PayPal' link on my blog, and ask everyone to send me a buck. I am fed up with being poor, this seemed like a great scheme. Hell, if I could get everyone to send me a buck, I'd be all set! I am not greedy, my plan was just to make enough to buy a case of beer!

I was even planning on having a $ counter on the page, so everyone could keep up with the amount. Alas it is not as easy a scheme as it sounds.

It seems that PayPal charges for its services, if I was reading the info correctly they want 55 cents + 2.9% for each transaction. Bummer! For each dollar someone sends I'd get about 43 cents. Thats unreasonable.

Oh well, its back to the drawing board! hahahahah

If you still feel the need to contribute you can send it here!


Unknown said...

I think you will get rich online, you have already shown a great idea with the bottle, try another money processor, Paypal is on the way out.

handsomeloser said...

Can't see the idea of 'just asking' working out. Let me know if it does though and I'll ask too.

MC said...

well, you can have a tip jar.

Anonymous said...

The latest is Remi Frazier who showed up in NYC with $100. determinied to make a million in 30 days. Hasn't made the million, but did create a staff of 26 volunters, blah, blabla and now is auctioning the biz off on ebay. Oh, and BTW, it's said, giving precedes receiving, so if you're feeling charitable...