Sunday, July 02, 2006

When Good Technology Goes Bad!

I love technology, I live with it, I use it, I teach it. Life is good as long as it works, unfortunatly sometimes it does not work!

When technology does not work, it sucks the big one.

Blogger, which I use and like, occsionaly throws a little PMS fit. It sure is doing that right now, I can not upload any images. This was a real problem this morning when I was trying to write a post about Labatts Blue beer. Sudenly it decided that I didn't need no more pictures!

This frustrated me greatly, but I took it like a man, and just grabbed another beer.

SKYPE, a great idea, who could not like free stuff? Skype is free long distance calling. Unfortunatly because of history, the people that do the phones, are also the people that do the internet. All of the 'Baby bells' seem to be going out of their way to make sure that Skype traffic gets very low priority. As a result of this it is hard to use Skype.

I can understand the rational, why the hell would I let you NOT pay me for phone calls, and I get to carry the traffic anyway!

Privacy, this is another great topic. It seems like AT&T, Verizon and several other companies have been sharing our private emails, phone call records, and web habits, with the US Government. This apparently is all in the name of 'Curbing Terrorism'. I for one am all in favour of stopping Al Queda, or any other group that wants to cause trouble.

I am not so happy about the concept of them intercepting pictures of Jans boobs.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks... I needed a good laugh today.