Monday, July 31, 2006

AWEB#14 Perfect 10

Another stellar brew from the damngoodbeer folks in Calgary. Man, we have the best beverages here!

Where they came up with the name for this monster is beyond me, unless it is a reference to the severity of the hangover that results from drinking it.

Clocking in at a brain cell killing 8.5% alcohol this is another beer that is best left to the professional.

I am always looking for fun projects and decided to take a 6 pack of Perfect 10 for a spin.

Sunday's are my favorite day, I like to get up early, blast some tunes on the computer and enjoy a nice cold beverage. I can honestly say that Perfect 10 is not a breakfast beer. That first can was really hard going.

The taste was something akin to drinking Liquid Plumber, in fact this might make quite a good unblocker of drains.

Take my advice leave this beer at the liquor store!

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