Saturday, July 15, 2006

Iconic Branding

I have been looking around the Internet, and on TV, and have come to the conclusion that the most successful enterprises have created great brand name recognition. Their Logo's are universally known, even if you do not personally own any of their products.

Some examples include:

Yup we all recognize these brands! Product branding is an important aspect for any organization that wants to get ahead.

Well one of my (many) endeavors is 'The BeerBox', an amazing piece of high technology, even if I say so myself. This technological wonder is where I host some of my Web sites.

Well if I am going to get ahead in this 'dog eat dog' world I decided that I needed to create an iconic logo. So next time you are surfing your favorite web page scroll down to the bottom and see if the page has my logo.
So far I have had no reply from CNN, or Microsoft about moving their web sites to the BeerBox, but I am sure that it is because it's the weekend. The decision makers won't be in till Monday.

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