Saturday, July 22, 2006

AWEB#8 John Courage

Shortly after the project with Lyons was completed I changed jobs and started working for Commercial Union, an insurance place. My mission in life was to plan and implement a network of 50 or so IBM mini computers. This time based on the IBM 8100. It looked like a fun job at the start, but it soon became clear that the company had pulled a bit of a fast one.

Six of us had been recruited , one for each of the 6 disciplines that their current staff did not have experience in. Our mission was to get the project rolling then hand the reins over to the existing staff and quietly ride off into the sunset.

I decided that while I was there I would take full advantage of whatever 'perks' were to be had. The best by far was the 2% staff mortgage. So I got me one! I bought what the brits call a 'flat', (apartment to you folks in the US of A) in a place called Mottingham.

Lady luck was on my side. It turned out that pub was less than 100 yards from my door step.

The 'Porky' as the locals called it served John Courage beer. While it is not one of my absolute favorites, it is quite drinkable considering that it is massed produced.

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