Monday, August 28, 2006

Another Day, 8 Gazzilion More Challenges

I have a happy group of people that check my blog at work. Alas I discovered that my Blog was PNG (for you that did not do latin Persona Non Gratis means that you are no longer welcome). It is what they stamp in your passport when they throw you out of a country.

My Blog was PNG this morning. The reason was that article I wrote about TV censorship, about how the F word was ok on the cooking channel, but not ok on TBS.

You just have to love software that chooses what you can see and read. I am the first person to support the need to clean up the damn internet. It is full of stuff tha is objectionable. However companies that blindly use these filters aare making a huge mistake.

Just to keep the kids happy, I am gonna take all the F words out of my post!

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