Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Oh The Good Old Days.....

A while back I was messing around online (a pretty common occurance for me)and stumbled upon a really interesting little site. The theme is things from the 80's.

I liked the 80's it was a lot of fun. I started the decade in England, spent the bulk of it in Canada and ended it in San Diego. Yes indeed a fun decade.

I can recomend Alastairs page, it is damn good reading

A recent post of his talked about 80's computers. I remember them well, big, clunky, slow, crude, and a pile of fun to use!

In my collection of 'stuff' I have a Vic 20, Commadore 64, Kaypro 10, TRS 80, and several early Laptops and Hand Held computers. I love playing with them.

The 80's were in many ways the golden age of the personal computer.

Bring back DOS, CP/M, BASIC, and 300 Baud modems! Thats my theory anyway.

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Life in the 80's said...

Yeah Basic! I remember that from my Acorn Electron and BBC Micro. Haha. Brilliant.