Sunday, August 13, 2006

Ya Got To Love Google!

A while back I created a web site as a joke. It is about cybersex, or as our good friend me-me says, playing in the attic.

The Attic web site is hosted on GooglePages for a couple of reasons, firstly its a piece of cake to slap a page together, and secondly, and maybe more importantly its FREE. This is a fundamental requirement for most things that I use.

To create the page I needed to set up a google account, well 'Attic', and 'TheAttic' were taken, I settled for 'Atticsrus' as in Attics-R-Us. This is a web site that gets zero traffic and has no purpose in life other than for my own personal amusement. (ohoh that sounds like this blog as well hahahaha).

This morning I was playing around in Google to see what it had and had not indexed. It may be the best Search engine out there, but it sure is hard to understand how it works its magic.

You can imagine my surprise when I discovered that the Attic was not only indexed, but actually search term number one with a keyword of "Atticsrus"!

I'll just bet the owner of the various E-Bay stores by the same name is pissed off hahahahaha.

Maybe I should put a hit counter on the page to see how well it does.

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