Sunday, August 06, 2006

AWEB#16 Bow Valley strong

I seem to be on a kick for regional bad brews! Bow Valley Strong, is another of those brain numbing beers that hit the spot on a hot day.

Bow Valley Strong weighs in at 7%, definitely not as wicked as Axe Head or Perfect 10. But it does pack a punch.

Bow Valley is actually brewed by 'Big Rock'. Personally I am not a fan of Big Rock. Their signature beers are Trad, that after two pints I want to throw up, and a light beer called Grasshopper, after three Grasshoppers again I am getting that gag reflex!

Bow Valley Strong is without doubt the best of what Big Rock offer.

What was interesting was Googling about Big Rock, they claim that Bow Valley Strong is just a side line that they have spent $ZERO advertising the product.

While I do not have any hard stats, I'd bet that Bow Valley Strong sells better than Trad or Grasshopper.

Have a beery day!

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