Friday, August 18, 2006

AWEB#13 Axe Head (Part 3) Preparation

It is Friday afternoon, we are approximately 36 hours away from the big event. Just like NASA there is a well prepared sequence to the events for the next 36 hours. To bring you up to date on the countdown so far:

At T-39 hours I dropped in on my local liquor store and purchased the Axe Head. Mel the guy that works in the store gave me a funny look when I put the bottles on his counter.

"It's for an experiment" was my comment.

"You are not going to drink that stuff are you?" he asked in a concerned tone.

At T-38 hours the Axe Head was carefully loaded into the refrigerator. Extensive research has shown that Axe Head should only be attempted when it is colder than a whores heart! 38 hours in the fridge should make it nice and frosty. I did try and contact NASA to try and secure some of that foam stuff they use on the shuttle to keep the bottles nice and insulated, but so far I have had no response from them. I can only assume that they are all too busy looking for the lost moon landing tapes.

At T-37 hours my wife made me go to the bank and pay all the bills. I think that she is a little nervous (a bit like Evil Kneivels wife probably was when he was about to take a jump) that something might go wrong on launch day, and she will get stuck with the gas and phone bill.

At T-36.5 hours it is time to start the simulated event. A 6 pack of Bow Valley Strong (7%) is going to be consumed as a dry run.

T-35 we are almost out of the Bow Valley Strong. I might need to drink some of the other beer I have in reserve.

T-34 the backup plan has been put into effect. The Bow Valley Strong has been exhausteded. Our backup plan uses 5% beer. I still feel confident about this project. I do not have the huge infrestructure of NASA but Jan will make sure that I am safe. Another 6 pack of 5% beer should give me the 'edge' that I will need on Sunday morning.

More later!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

I know ya can handle this Simon. I'll be right here for you in case you can't. And I'll be happy to report the final results for you too, in case you can't . LOL

Simon Barrett said...

It is comforting to know that their will be an official documentor of the event.

I wonder if I should pick up some asprins at the store. I have a feeling that my head is gonna hurt after this..... hahahahahaha