Monday, August 28, 2006

CBC TV Again

On Friday I had to put up with being poked and prodded and various other abuses while they fitted microphones on me. Then 20 minutes of intense questioning. 'It will be on the 6 o'clock news broadcast' I am told.

I get home, and tell Jan that we have to watch the news, she is pissed, 6pm is Judge Judy time. Well we watch the whole stinking hour, and nothing, nada, zip!

At noon today I am told that they are coming back. Apparently the two hours on Friday was not long enough.

1:30 they roll up, they got all their weapons of torture, they film for another hour, they ask a gazzilion questions, and they say that this is gonna be a big segment on the 6 o'clock news.

I get home, I tell Jan that she is going to miss Judge Judy again, and we watch the 6 O'Clock news!

WooHoo they run the segment. It lasts 1:55, and they have managed to confuse two different stories and merge it into something that the average viewer will just look at and go 'Huh, WTF was that about?'

The approximatly 40 mins of interviews with me was shortened into 15 seconds of audio and about another 15 seconds of 'general landscaping video'

hahahaha the good news is I am not a virgin at this. I have been through it many times, but it does amaze me how these people turn up so unprepared that they have to spend an hour or more scoping out the questions that they really want to ask.

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