Wednesday, August 16, 2006

AWEB#13 Axe Head (Part 2)

One of the prime motivations behind my "Around the World in Eighty Beers" series is that each story should have considerable personal exposure to the beer in question.

I have to admit that my knowledge about AxeHead is mainly second hand. Although my sources are reliable, and I have seen the 'Post Emergency Room' results, stitches, casts, bad bruising, etc. I personally have never taken "Axe to the Max".

This is going to be rectified next Sunday. My plan is to get 3 bottles of Axe and enjoy them for breakfast. My usual regime for Sundays involves getting up at about 5am and enjoying a cup of fresh brewed coffee with a beer chaser.

I must admit that AxeHead is not what I would class a breakfast beer. I am willing to bet that that first few slugs are going to be hard going, but I think in the interest of humanity this is an important piece of research. Who knows, I may win the Nobel prize for beer drinking as a result.

Most of my research has revealed that one bottle results in a pretty good buzz, two bottles most motor functions of the body are disabled, and three bottles results in the intervention of the emergency services (either the Police or the Medical folks, or both!)

It's going to be a great Sunday. I can't wait for my wife to read this post. She will be so happy with me! hahahahahaha (Jan you can always leave a comment if you want to)


Life in the 80's said...

Axe Head. That looks... errr. really nice.....

haha. ps not forgotton about your beer money (!)

Simon Barrett said...

Want to come over and join me?

I am sure it will be a blast...

My tentative plan is to post a blow by blow account of the adventure.

Oh, and the wife (as I had suspected) is not overjoyed with this project hahahahaha

Anonymous said...

ok I am the wife, Jan... I am going to monitor this event Sunday morning and record everything he says, in case I need it for future in court in front of Judge Judy LOL at any rate I'll be by Simons side making sure he is ok in this adventure