Thursday, November 02, 2006

Another BeerBox Update

Woo Hoo I have the custom built power supply in my hands. It was air freighted in from Japan. I am hopeful that after a quick quality control shakedown (I drink a 6 pack of Lucky Extra), we can start the install process tomorrow.

The installation team should be in position to perform this delicate operation at about 14:00 Mountain Time (Jan wants to go to the store first to buy some clothes).

I would like to be able to invite members of the press to witness, and photograph the big event, but, because of the highly proprietary nature of the Beerbox, we cannot afford to share our trade secrets with the likes of IBM, Dell, and the rest of the 'hangers on' (My digital camera is broke!).

Unfortunately one of the 'Modules' was damaged during the Emergency Recovery phase (I ripped one of the Lucky Extra boxes extracting the hard drive). The good news is that dropped by our supplier this evening and was able to obtain a replacement (I stopped at the liquor store and bought a 15 pack of Lucky extra).

Assuming we encounter no unforeseen problems (Jan and I spend the afternoon in the bar) the BeerBox should be as good as new by about 16:00 Mountain time!

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