Saturday, November 04, 2006

I-RON Chef!

I have always enjoyed the Japanese Iron Chef series on Food TV. It's too silly not to enjoy. The translation from Japanese to English is part of the fun.

Well, it is my birthday today, oh, it's also my wedding anniversary. Jan had this theory that if we got married on my birthday I would never have a reason to forget our anniversary.

For our wedding anniversary Jan bought me a cardboard box! The good news was, it was full of chef hats! I have always wanted one, now I got a box full!

A chef hat is something I have always wanted.
We decided to take the Chef hats on a trial run.

I think the nearest thing to heaven is a meat clever in one hand, a chefs hat on your head, and a beer in the other hand!
My lovely wife Jan wanted in on the fun, and I am a nice guy and 'lent' her a hat. She is now the official Iron Chefette!


Pugs said...

ROFL.. Now that is taking things a bit to far! a box of chef hats a meat cleever and a tin of beer to tackle just one celery root! Ha!Ha!Ha!Ha!

Happy Birthday to you my friend and Happy Anniversary to both of you.
Have a good'en.

carrie said...