Wednesday, November 08, 2006

New Feature On The Blog hahahahaha

In order to make it simple for really rich people to help us poor people out I have put a paypal donate button on the side bar! hahahahahaha

Now its my guess that it will never get used, but WTF! hahahaha (Bill Gates if you read this send me a couple of million, Jan has expensive tastes!).

Actually the reason I did it was to check out how difficult it was to do, and to prove to a dough head at work that it did not cost thousands of dollars.

I have just started a blog for the non-profit that I work for, and we had a meeting about it today. Being a Non-profit we do not have much money to throw around, in fact without donations we would not be able to operate, and over 1,000 people a night would have no place to sleep.

In the meeting I suggested that we put a PayPal button on the blog so that if a reader was inclined to send us a donation they could click and do it right now.

Our Expert from the IT department was in shock and horror that we might even consider such a proposal "I was going to do that once for a client, it was going to cost thousands of dollars, PayPal is really expensive".

After the rest of us had stopped laughing, I explained that this was not true.

A general rule of business is if you have no clue what you are talking about, it's usually best to keep the mouth shut! hahahahaha

Anyway, the bottom line is PayPal is easy, I'll set up a new account tomorrow for the Non-profit, hand it over to our admin people and see how well we do.

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