Sunday, November 05, 2006

The BeerBox Is Fixed!

It has been a tough time, but I am glad to be able to report that the BeerBox is fixed. It was a particularly difficult operation, requiring a good deal of co-ordination with Jan (she had the clear tape and scissors while I held the box together.

My original plan was to try and re-use the custom case, however that turned out to be impracticable. The entire 'upper module' has been replaced. The original has found a resting place outside. We had some snow on the ground, so I thought this was a fitting place to throw the old 'module'.

I have hated working on 'brand name' computers for many years, brand name means proprietary, and a pain in the butt. Well the BeerBox makes HP and Compaq look like a walk in the park.

I got it all put together, plugged it in, and then could not find the hole to put the Ethernet cable in. Then I realized that I had taken the Network card out and stuck it in the HP piece of crap that I was using as the backup system.

Installing the NIC was a two man job, I had Joey holding the top module, while I fished around in the dark on the lower module. I now know how NASA feels with building the International Space Station! Details, details, details!

Cajun Delight and the BeerBox websites are back online!

Long Live The BeerBox!

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