Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Long (Cold) Weekend

WooHoo, I decided to play hookey for a couple of days (Official hookey) I took vacation. No stinking work for the next four days!

This is great timing, cos the weather is destined to be cold, cold, and even f'ing colder. Sunday they are threatening -30C. Let me tell ya, 30 below sucks! The hairs in ya nose freeze. And don't try to take a leak outside, it will be frozen before it hits the snow bank!

My idea was to buy a carton of cigarettes and a delivery truck full of beer.

I'd be all set for the next 4 days.

Of course my lovely bride has other ideas. The alarm clock will be waking us at 3:30am tomorrow moring so that we can get in a cab at 4:30am to make it to the airport for 5:00am.

Joey who lost his home in New Orleans when Katrina hit and has been staying with us is heading back down there.

So thats going to be my morning!

The good news is, when we get back, I got beer!

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