Friday, November 10, 2006

The Creative Mind At Work..

Different industries employ different techniques for 'mocking up' a potential product. The automotive folks use modeling clay to create a full size demo of their idea. My preferred material is Styrofoam, it is non-conductive, has great insulation properties, and maybe best of all, it's cake to cut!

I find that an Exacto knife works well.

If any of you are planning on trying this at home, I recommend you do this outside. Luckily Jan is not a clean freak, so I can get away with being a little messy!

Having created the footprint, assembly can commence. The first step was to position the Powersuply and DVD Rom on our baseplate.

Next came the Hard drive, Notice the creative use of Styrofoam in order to minimize vibration.

In order to prevent shorts, it was necessary to insulate the motherboard from the power supply. I was also concerned about air flow from the power supply. My solution was to use more Styrofoam, this time employing an intricate design to enable the cooling fan to maximize it's effectiveness.

Next step is to add the motherboard and all of the bits that go on it.

And that my friends is as much as I can share with you in this post. The rest of the engineering department (Jan) is working in the rest of the computer.

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