Tuesday, October 24, 2006

An Attempt At Getting A Darwin Award

For those of you not familiar with the Darwin Awards, it is one that is handed out annually. Generally it is awarded posthumously, to even qualify for entry you must have committed some truly stupid act that proves that you should be removed from the gene pool. Hence the name, it comes from Darwins theory about evolution and survival of the best.

Well, Calgary has a potential entrant

Some idiot decided to play chicken with one of the Light Rapid Transit train.

So, I got downtown this morning, sleepy eyed, hopped of the bus, and walked to the LRT station to travel across town. The first sign that something wasn't quite right was the huge number of people on the sidewalks. It looked like New York, or London, not happy beer drinking, rodeo hosting, Calgary.

It Transpired that Joe Bike running the red light had managed to bring public transit to a complete standstill. All of the LRT lines share a 12 block line through downtown! All three lines ground to a complete standstill. I along with many thousands of other commuters were faced with an often long trek to work. Nothing beats a 12 block walk being jostled all the way by other grumpy computers, to get a good cardiovascular workout.

It turns out that Joe Bike did not die in this Darwinian stunt, and suffered non life threatening injuries. If Joe Bike has any sense he will ask the press not to release his name, because there are thousands of people here in Calgary that would likely kill him if they can find him!

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