Thursday, October 05, 2006

AWEB#19 Fosters lager

While living in London in the 70's I found myself living in the Earls Court area of the city. For some reason Earls Court was the centre of the universe for traveling Australians.

The 70's Aussies were an interesting group, inevitably they were married, in their early 20's, were on a one or two year travel around the globe mission, and owned a VW Camper! Earls Court was pretty much a major hub for buying and selling VW Campers. The Earls Court VW would handle their wandering needs while perusing Europe, once Europe was checked off the list, they would return (like a salmon to spawn) to Earls Court and sell the VW Camper to the next generation of Australian explorers.

The Aboriginals of Australia have a saying 'Going on walk about', and this seems to have rubbed off on the colonists. Of course the early colonists probably had an ingrained need for 'Walk About' seeing as Australia was a penal colony!

I worked with one of these 'displaced' Aussies for about 6 months, and we became good friends. Phil Weigard, from Bendigo (Hey Phil if you read this please drop me a line) he was the person that introduced me to Fosters.

We invited him and his wife over for dinner. Phil insisted on bringing the beer, and it was Fosters. He served it almost freezing, I swear there were ice crystals in it. Being a good brit I pointed out that it was a tad on the cold side.

Phil's comment was, "You have to drink this ice cold, if it gets warm it gets disgusting, so bad that the average guy wouldn't even shave in it"

Now that's an advert! Phil probably is making a fortune as Fosters spokesman!

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