Sunday, October 15, 2006

I Need Help (Jan says I Need Professional Help)

OK loyal blog readers I need some help. If any of you are Linux users I sure could use your help.

At work we have had about 20 laptops donated to us, they are Toshiba Portege 3110ct model. We refurbish computers and give them away to families that cannot afford to go out and buy one.

These Toshibas are really tiny, they are so small that there is no builtin CD or Floppy drive. They all came with the external Floppy, but without the external CD.

The folks that do the refurbishing were at a loss as to what to do with the systems, so I waded in! hahahahaha

I discovered a 'over the internet' install method of loading Debian Linux on them. All you need are two diskette images, affectionally refered to as Root and Boot (Jan hides them, so I can't lose them). Life is great, and I am sure that folks that just need a portable puter that can do some word processing and Web stuff will be overjoyed to get one of these critters.

I have screwed around for two weeks with them, I have tried every trick in my less than large Linux bag, and try as I might I cannot get the stinking Intellepoint device to work. The Intellepoint is the thing in the middle of the keyboard that looks like the top of a pencil eraser. Plugging in a USB mouse works fine, but I would really like to crack the Intellepoint problem.

Obviously I cannot pay, but, help me with this and you are guaranteed a spot on my 'wall of shame', Pugs and Alistair won't mind, in fact they are probably feeling lonely!

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Anonymous said...

What about chatting with the folks that donated the laptops and see if they have any resource network that use to help them with them?