Monday, October 09, 2006

Canajun Thanksgiving

What does a Brit and his Cajun wife living in Canada do about Thanksgiving? Thanksgiving is in October in Canada, and November in the US. Well the simple answer is we celebrate it twice.

Today I am cooking, so I get to chose the menu, and in November Janny gets to do it her way.

My fav way to do it is to stuff the little bastard with a Sage and Onion dressing, Jan on the other hand prefers a corn bread dressing. I like roast potatoes, she like mashed potatoes and Yams.

I like thick gravy, Jan like thin gravy!

Needless to say the celebrating of both Thanksgivings is the only way to avoid a trip to the divorce court hahahahahahahaha.

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Anonymous said...

I like mashed garlic red potatos. Yum!