Monday, October 16, 2006

The State Of The Blog Address

I am a relatively new Blogger. And with a newish Blog the problem is how the hell do you get people to visit you? My initial plan was to tell all my online buddies, of course that maxed out at about 2 hits a day! hahahahaha

Plan B was to try the blog swapping sites, the deal here is that you look at other peoples blogs and generate credits, with those credits you 'buy' visitors. There are many of them out there, Blogexplosion and Blogmad are two of the big ones.

If you pound away on the computer for an hour or two you can get lots of new readers, the problem is, are they really readers? Or, are they just looking at the count down timer to click onto the next blog?

For the most part I am one of those people! The vast majority of the blogs that you get taken to are absolute crap! The Blogosphere is neck high in crap. My particular favorites are the 'get rich online' blogs. These are spam, these should be removed by whatever blog service is running the blog!

My other top contender are the political blogs, GET A GRIP GUYS, NO ONE CARES. I am not a political animal, I don't want to sign up to impeach President Bush, I don't want to email my congressman about Joe Blow who is doing something bad in Bum F**K Nebraska. I just don't care! I don't care a hoot about politics, they are all crooks, the label republican or Democrat is more like a gang affiliation, they are Crypts or Bloods! hahahaha

Don't get me wrong here, occasionally you stumble on an interesting blog, I have found several, (maybe as many 1 every 500 clicks).

in my opinion there is no silver bullet to the problem.

I recently started blogging articles for a site that is part of the 'Google News' world, I have found that this generates quite a few unique hits.

Ok I feel much better now, I guess I should have used proper HTML code and put that in a rant block, I believe the code is "< rant >say ya stuff < /rant >"


Pugs said...

Hmmm... Sorry I haven't dropped a comment lately me old mate, but times have been a bit hectic to get to the 100K as you know.. Ha!Ha!Ha! but I have read your blog when passing through and have kept up to date.. Honest! lol
Glad to see you got that dripped fixed.
Anyroad I'm going to try and put you on my flock browser feeds. It's easier.. lol

Omni said...

Try joining some blog topsites; that's a good source of hits. :-)

Anonymous said...

I find blogmad quite useful. In fact thats how I found your very blog. Blogmad has the highest comment rate out of any traffic exchange. Best service to. Good luck and glad you found your niche.


Anonymous said...

Visiting other blogs and commenting will bring people to your blog. The traffic sites are helpful but 2/3 of the people are just trying to amass credits and not really looking at the content of the blog.

Blogmad seems to be one of the best traffic sites though....I've picked up some regular readers through there.

Anonymous said...

I've read blogs for over two years now and find only one in every two hundred or so is worth reading.

Blog reading is so individualized, there is something for everyone.

It takes time I hear, a longer time now than it did say two years ago.

Dustin said...

I actually agree with you. BlogMad is how I found you, but most of it's crap. Good luck actually getting people to read. ;-)