Sunday, October 01, 2006

AWEB#18 Generic Beer

In the 70's Sainsbury's Supermarkets started selling generic beer. This was stuff that came in a no frills package, the can merely said "Beer".

What few people realized was that their supplier was the Ruddles Brewery. Generic beer rocked! Alas Ruddles is no more, it is part of the Green King organization. But it sure was fun while it lasted!

It was way cheaper than the real thing. Being a beer fan I had no problem at all picking up a 6 pack of generic at the supermarket!


Life in the 80's said...

haha. I used to have a list of other supermarket own products that were actually the real thing. Shweppes for example, always make too much for contigency purposes, so once the sell by date nearer, they would sell an excess to the supermarkets. So Tesco's supermarket own mixers were actually shweppes for years. Also, their cereals were all Kellogs.

Simon Barrett said...

I used to work for Tesco's!!

It's a long complicated story that ended with them sending me to Chicago, and me ending up in Calgary!