Saturday, October 07, 2006

Gumbo Pot Update

I thought I should write a quick post to update you all on the Gumbo pot, It is doing a fine job of containing the minor plumbing problem in the kitchen.

My good buddy Pugs left a comment, wondering why I didn't just fix the leak rather than use the Gumbo pot.

Well, that is a good question, and indeed I have asked myself the same question. The answer is quite simple, I know nada about plumbing. Plumbing in my book is a black art.

How anyone can be a skilled tradesman when the only tools in their toolbag are a 10lb lump hammer and a crescent wrench that is 3 feet long, just defies my imagination.

I could call a plumber, but then I would have to pay him. So that option goes out the door!

I could call my landlord, and I know that he would 'happily' come over and make things worse. This is of course what I am going to have to do. The problem with this solution is that he is currently driving from Prince Edward Island to Calgary, and he is a Ludite, he does not have a cell phone.

So loyal readers, the Gumbo Pot stays!!!!!!!!!

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