Tuesday, October 10, 2006

The Browser Wars

Much has been written about how Microsoft has a monopoly with Internet Explorer, and based on the fact that IE comes bundled with Windows it is not hard to understand why. If it is there, people use it, many people, actually most people, don't even think about finding a replacement. Most people have never heard of any other browser.

I decided to do a completely unscientific study of browsers. My findings shocked even me (it was a good job that I had a couple of beers inside me, because I nearly fell off my chair). My 'unscientific' method was to analyze the traffic to this Blog. I have been blogging here for about 6 months, and during that time I have had 5,000 visits (thanks everyone!!!!! woo hoo!!!).

And the results are.........

Well I was surprised to find that only 57% of people used Microsoft Internet Exploder 6, and I was really, really surprised to find that 36% used Firefox.

Most of the tech articles claim that Microsoft have something like 96% of the market. My study (after beers) shows that this is a load of Bull Sh!t.

OK, the sample size was small, it is not 'statistically' accurate, and OK, I doubt it would stand up in court....... but I thought it was interesting.

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