Friday, July 20, 2007

Flower RIP

I heard some disturbing news today, there is going to be no skunk jerky this year! My good friends Faye and Gene have been feeding the local deer (not because he wants to be nice, he wants to shoot em and make jerky out of them when they grow up). An unexpected friend that they made during this time was 'Flower' the skunk.

Flower became a part of the landscape, sometimes even taking on center stage.

Alas, poor flower is no longer with us. I don't know the exact details, but apparently it involved a tarmac surface with yellow lines painted on it, a grumpy deer (Flower was eating all the peanut butter), and a car! According to reliable sources this awful accident occured at 4:30am! I hope they get the guy that was driving the car! In my book that was a 'hit and run'. If the cops get on it right away it should be easy to track this criminal down, because his vehicle must smell pretty rank!

Flower may be gone, but apparently she is not forgotten, according to Faye and Gene, the car squished the smelly bit, and you can smell Skunk for miles!

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