Thursday, July 12, 2007

The Week In Review(s)

Well no one died, so I guess it was a good week. I did battle with a 'business' book, this genre is not my absolute favorite. You know the sort of thing I am talking about, how by wisely inverting 5 cents at age 2, you will be richer than Bill Gates when you are 487 years old, all through the wonders of 'Compound Interest'. Well anyone that needs to become a gazillionare you can try 'Rich By Choice' by Erland Peterson.

On the up-side I did have a really interesting interview with Gerrie Hugo about his book Africa Will Always Break Your Heart. It is a fascinating book, and Gerrie certainly is an interesting character. The total word count was about 3 times what I normally use for an interview and ended up having to split it into two articles. You can check out part 1 and part 2 at your leisure.

Shock and horror! I ran out of books! Well, I almost did, I had to relieve Jan of the book that she has been reading for the past decade, and had managed to get to page 45! From Hearst to Hughes is a cracking read. Dr Lunde is a forensic psychiatrist and he discusses some of the high profile cases he has been involved in.

In TV world I did the last episode of this seasons Big Ideas For A Small Planet, I have to say that this Sundance Channel series has been a lot of fun. I have got to interview some really interesting people. The focus this week was how spirituality and being ecology minded can come together. This weeks interview 'victim' was Judy Bonds, an activist from West Virginia who is trying to stop a type of coal mining known as Mountain Top Removal. And that is exactly what they do, they blow up the top of mountains, remove the coal, and dump the rest of the waste rock into the surounding valleys. I was horrified! I am not much of a tree hugger by nature, but I hate to see wanton destruction. I am planning a 'hard' news story on this one.

In DVD land I scored big time! Acorn are a distribution company that specializes in Brit TV. I managed to get my hands on 'Porterhouse Blue', this is a 4 part mini series from 1987, it is the very epitome of Brit humor. This is well worth picking up if you see it at your local megamart!

MVD have a couple of interesting releases coming up, Apollo XIII using vintage footage reveals the story behind the failed moon mission. They also are about to launch a new DVD about Johnny Cash, this is so well done that if you are a Man In Black fan, you will want this in your collection.

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