Friday, July 13, 2007

Outer Mongolia - A Spam Free Zone!

Hell I don’t even know where ‘Inner’ Mongolia is! All I know is that this is the place where they herd Yaks, and in times gone by they were really good at rape and pillage, tho I think the Vikings were better at it. The Mongolian Hordes tended to be more land based which obviously slowed them down. Maybe the lack of sea front property in Mongolia was a factor? Either that or Yak skin leaks and so is not good as a boat covering.

Anyway, I have digressed, Mark finds himself in Outer Mongolia, and has discovered that he is in a Spam free zone. NO! not that type of Spam, we are talking about the yummy ‘processed’ meat bits in a can.

I think we should start a ‘Lets Spam Outer Mongolia’ campaign. We all need to send him a can of it. I am pretty certain that the import/export of food stuffs is illegal. It took years to get some Primula Cheese spread into Canada, so I can only assume that Spam smuggling into Outer Mongolia is going to be a tough nut to crack!

A quick perusal of the CIA World Book reveals that English is not their first language. So I suspect that if you write on the customs declaration ‘Yak Vitamins’, or, ‘Horde Repair kit’. I think either would work well.

I feel sorry for Mark, no-one should be stuck somewhere without Spam! I am happy to act as Spam Coordinator, but please don’t send them to me.

I will get a street addy. And we can swamp Outer Mongolia with this delightful treat!

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bigsoxfan said...

Before we all get too excited, I've been living on spam as the BEST processed meat available, for a year and a half now, while living on Saipan. While I do enjoy spam, especially the jelly-like stuff between the meat and the can, I also really love sausage. The Germanic kind and all others. We have those in abundance here; head cheese, jagd Shincken, salami's, smoked horse sausage, even Mutton in a can (wife bought that) it's all here. I'm pretty sure I can do without spam. Bless you all. Moxie soda, however, is a different story.
Thanks for your concern and if any one can lay their hands on a few cans of the blessed elixer, I would be eternally greatful. My family has all gone on holiday together and left laptops and cell phones off. Damn family. Send to C/O Erdene-Oyun Mashbat Central Post Office Ulan Baatar, Mongolia Box #2951 For any questions on Moxie; go here