Friday, July 27, 2007

The Week In Review(s)

Wow I was lazy this week, I Wonder if I was on vacation?

I did manage to read two more Damien Lewis books though. Bloody Heros has just been released in paperback, and has also been optioned as a movie. The book follows a group of the elite British Special Boat Service (these guys are meaner than the SAS!) and their adventures in the early days of the latest Afghan conflict. This book is based on actual events, and somehow Damien actually got some of the people involved to talk to him. Generally speaking these are folks that are meaner than rattlesnakes and very reluctant to talk about the missions that they have been involved in. It was a great read, and I think it will transition nicely into 120 minutes of non stop action on the 'Big Screen'.

Damien was invited to participate in World Book Day - 2006, 20 leading authors were asked to produce a short work that would appeal to 'emerging' readers. Being involved in the world of adult literacy, I was very interested in this book. Desert Claw lives up to its billing as a 'quick read', in 125 pages Damien packs 800 pages of Tom Clancy novel. This is a wonderful read, quick it may be, but a lot of fun it sure is.

I was a little concerned that Damien was pissed off at me when I did not get any response to a couple of emails. But the puzzle was solved this morning, he has been away on vacation, now most of us go to somewhere nice and relaxing, not so for Damien, he took off to climb Mont Blanc! As I recall this is the highest mountain in Western Europe.

All I have to say is..... There is no accounting for personal taste. Me, I would prefer a nice warm place together with a nice cold beer.

Who the hell climbs mountains covered in snow while wearing shorts and t-shirts? Only the Brits!

The Contract hit the streets a couple of days ago. I snagged a pre-release copy of this movie and I was most impressed. I was shocked to find Morgan Freeman playing the bad guy, he just isn't the kind of actor that does that kind of thing. But he does a magnificent job! This is a movie that you will want to pick up the next time you are in Blockbuster.

In the music DVD world I tackled All My Loving which was an interesting documentary that contains some unique video clips. We also took The Country Joe band out for a test drive, you might know him better as Country Joe And The Fish. I would not say that this was earth shattering music, but I was amazed at how young this 60 something guy looks!

What would a week be without some good old Doo Wop music, and we got that with an upcoming release of The Drifters. Jan was Groovin an Movin to the tunes!

Have a great weekend!

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Bruce A. Bateman said...

If you missed Country Joe and the Fish the first time around (they peaked at Woodstock), you may have missed out on the idea that it helps to be loaded when listening. They were certainly smoked under while playing it and like a book written in a different language, it helps the story if you read in the same language as written. In the case of CJatF, that language is STONED.