Thursday, July 12, 2007

Pet Peeves #2 - Damn DVD Cases

Of course if you only buy one DVD a year this would not be much of an issue. You have handed over your $25 and a little agro to get into the packaging probably just increases the great anticipation of watching whatever it is.

Unfortunately when you get box loads of the things, the novelty of breaking nails wears a little thin. It is never a problem getting the outer plastic cover off, it is that white tape they put in the top of the case.

I get so frustrated with it that I have put my Personal Assistant in charge of this task. But that comes at a price, Jan ruins her nails doing it, and I get to pay $40 to fix em!

Even once you get the stinking white tape off your woes are not over. The idiots that designed the box make it so that it is next to impossible to actually extract the DVD from it's plastic mount. Jan assures me that all you have to do is 'press in the middle' and it will pop right out. Well that never works for me.

I prefer to use an 'Exacto' knife, if you have a nice new blade, and a steady hand you can surgically remove the offending little nub of plastic. It is then easy to grab the disc whenever you need it.

I will give a word of caution here, using the 'Box Cutter' approach should only be used on DVD's you know you want to keep, because once you have 'modified' the packaging you will have trouble trying to return it to 'Best Buy'.

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