Saturday, July 14, 2007

Jerky Anyone?

My good friend Cad is looking toward next years jerky. Which one do you fancy?

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Bruce A. Bateman said...

Skunk jerky, without question.

I grew accustomed to it while interning for the Bush administration, where everyone who is not the former, is the latter.

While venison jerky can be pretty good, a fully odorized skunk, when dried, makes ones gastronomic day.

Out here in the Marianas we have a tiny feral deer imported from Asia. There are a few left on Saipan but most are to be found on our 'eco isle' Rota about 70 miles south of Saipan.

Hunting the little critters is big sport there and I must admit, the meat is far better than North America's white tail or mule deer venison. Here the meat is sometimes bar-b-qued by cooking over an open fire or coal, but is most often eten raw as a 'keleguen' dish 'cooked' by immersion in citrus juice and spiked with spicy seasonings. Ummm.