Saturday, July 14, 2007

Outer Mongolia Spam Update

I have been deluged with requests for an address to send the cans of Spam to. This is in order to fix the serious Outer Mongolia Spam shortage. I have Emailed the UN, President Bush, and whoever is running England this week. I will confess though that I have not yet heard back from any of them. Somehow Al Qaeda seems to be taking precedence over this Spam shortage. While the politicians want a “War On Terror” I believe that “Peace through Spam” would be a better solution.

Mark has opted to be our ‘Peace through Spam’ diplomat in Outer Mongolia, I feel that we should do all we can to support this mission. Mark has set up a great infrastructure in Oolon Kaloofid (oops sorry, that was a character out of the hitch hikers guide to the galaxy), I meant Ulan Baatar, and all we need to do is get him Spammed!

You can Spam Mark at:

C/O Erdene-Oyun Mashbat
Central Post Office Box #2951
Ulan Baatar, Mongolia

I think the only aspect lacking in this great campaign is a slogan. I have tried a few, ‘Make Spam Not War’, while it is quite catchy, it does not quite hit the spot. ‘Spam Hunger!’ I also think has some potential, or even ‘Can Hunger with Spam’.

The biggest question tho, is. “Have you Spammed Mark today?”

I was going to also sugest a PayPal solution (on the right side of the page), but, I have found that there are some issues with PayPal. My personal experience has been that whatever I have in my account, my wife weasels out of me, and then in turn, Joey her 16 year old son weasels out of her! And I don’t think Joey even likes Spam!

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