Saturday, July 14, 2007


One of the great joys of being a reviewer is that you never know what DHL are going to deliver at 8pm on a Friday evening. I must admit that I did not think DHL or anyone else for that matter made deliveries at that time of day. However I will make an exception in the case of DHL, they are so bloody incompetent that no doubt the driver had been randomly driving around Calgary for 12 hours looking for my address. My feelings about this company are inspired by a 'close encounter' of the incompetent kind that occurred a while ago, you can read the gory story here.

I digress! Last night Jan and I were relaxing in bed having spent a productive day bull shitting and drinking beer (well I had anyway), when the door bell rang. I tried to get Jan to go deal with it, but she refused to get out of bed, so I was forced to get my lazy ass up.

What could be in the box? Well it was swag. I have been doing some TV reviews for the Sundance Channel, and we got Sundance swag!

A bag, a hat, a tee shirt, and a spiffy notebook. This is the big payoff for hours of watching preview DVD's. I'll just bet you want to be a reviewer now!

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bigsoxfan said...

Holy Crap, you live in Calgary? I knew that, I'm just a little slow on the uptake. All I know about Calgary is watching the Jamaican bobsled team get off the bus in the movie "cool runnings" Poor bastards almost died in ten minutes. I bet Bruce will never visit you in the winter. That is some cold stuff there. I'm glad I'm in Mongolia (outer) where they have milder winters. Not to mention the entire city has central steam heat. A gift from the Russians, when they were Soviets. At least, if I'm drunk off my ass and lost, I can crash out on or around a 16 inch steam main somewhere about town. Enjoy the summer. Thanks for the spam help, hope I didn't burst your bubble by changing my plea, but I miss the blessed elixer so much it hurts. I have no shame when moxie is on the table