Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Johhny Cash, This Guy Rules Even In Death!

I swear there are more CD's and DVD's coming out now that the 'man in black' has shuffled off this mortal coil than there were while he was alive. This whole Johnny Cash thing is pretty amusing. Before I met the lovely Jan my entire knowledge about the guy was the punchline of a joke about the 'next morning' effects of a really good Vindaloo Curry, and I can assure you that the result is indeed 'A Burning Ring Of Fire' (and you really do need that super soft tissue!).

The huge joke though is Jan doesn't even like Johnny Cash! I on the other hand seem to have become a bit of a Cash reviewer. In the last two days alone I have received press releases for two more upcoming releases. A CD of a 'lost' concert from 1990 that universal is putting out, and a TV documentary of his gospel days (hehehe and I get it on DVD before it airs).

I am amassing quite the Johnny Cash collection! Obviously some people like the reviews because I noticed that they all seem to end up on 'The Unofficial' fan page

The only disappointment I have had on this Cash quest has been that I am still waiting for 'John Carter Cash' to get back to me about an interview, so if you read this John, reply to the email!


Anonymous said...

actually I never said I didn't like Johnny Cash, I was just never a big fan of his, that's all.

Anonymous said...

I have just come across your blog on Man in It is great to see that you have become a fan of John's music. Just to set the record straight, I would like to point out that the Kraft Music Hall Show (long history, dating back to radio days) was the fore runner, if you will of The CMA Award Show, not the Grand Ol' Opry.(NBC taped the show for broadcast on the Music hall Show) The Opry originated in 1925 as the WSM Barn Dance.
I have been a fan of Johnny Cash since 1967, I have all of his albums,45's and anything he did on video.(I was a guest at John & June's home on 200 Caudill Drive, on Old Hickory Lake) Also I was part of the Calgary broadcast media for many years on CFAC Radio. During this time I became friends with John & June Cash and had the honor of MC-ing their shows in Calgary.During my radio days I built my reputation on being a Johnny Cash fan and a fan of classic county. I have thousands of albums and books and first hand experiences from my time in Nashville during the week of The Country Music Awards Show festivities.
John's contribution to Country Music will never stop, he was and is an American Icon. During his ABC television series in the late sixties, people were calling Nashville, Cashville. He is credited with the term, "Music City USA".
Also The DVD of Johnny Cash that you spoke of, has been available for a number of years, so I would imagine this is just a re-release.
Please do not take any of my comments as critisim, I am very happy when Johnny Cash picks up another fan.
Take a look at the website for The Tennessee Three, John's Band. Bob Wootton and WS Holland. They tour all over the world and last year they were in Calgary twice and I just saw them again here in Phoenix, in June. Bob and W.S. and the rest of the band are truely the nicest people you will meet. They put on a great show and Bob's voice is very similar to John's. I cannot say enough good things about these people.
Have you checked out Bill Miller's, Johnny, great site. Bill was very close to Johnny and June.
I hope I have encouraged you to continue your quest for anything Johnny Cash, he was a friend and a true legend.