Thursday, August 23, 2007

Busted By The Feds Again!

In what is becoming an all too frequent event, I got busted by Canada Customs again! I am getting really fed up with paying for stuff that is free! Today's adventure involved two CD's by Deva Premal, her and Mital are playing a concert here in Calgary next month, and I have agreed to review it. It's a new album, and so the PR folks sent me a copy of it, and also a copy of their last release.

Unfortunately for me, they put on the damn Fed-Ex shipping note that the contents were worth $58. So the Feds bust me with a $7 charge for opening the damn package, and then charge me tax on the $58. It's enough to make the Pope swear!

A couple of weeks ago Dumb as Hog Lard (DHL) played the same game.

Of course, maybe I am being a little harsh, for $10.91 I have 2 new CD's to add to my CD pile, I have $100 worth of concert tickets, an invite to a drinks and munchies session the evening before the concert, and an interview. When you view it that way, I guess I got a deal!

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