Thursday, August 09, 2007

Monitor Abuse

My good buddy Bruce left a comment on one my TV problem story, and I feel that the question has to be handled thoroughly, so that everyone understands Monitor Abuse.

I am an old hand at Monitor Abuse, you really don't need any special equipment, just grit, determination and electricity.

Take a computer outside in a rain storm, and plug it in, now thats one of my favorites!

Alternatively turn the screen saver off, and leave the same ms word document on for 6 weeks, the results are great! You can read the document even when the monitor is switched off. This is the ultimate data storage method.

You can play this same trick with images, and I have been considering starting up a service for companies, I'll burn their logo into the phosphor coating! Now how cool would that be? Just think how happy almost every company would be? Now that is what I call value added.

I am also thinking of pioneering a similar service with these flat screens that are so popular. I suspect that using a sharp knife and a steady hand you could remove some of the pixels to reveal an everlasting image!

Jan on the other hand is just a beginner. She prefers the more physical approach, she just slaps em till they break. This is an art that she perfected on our digital alarm clock. She has broken the minute adjustment function, so every time we need to reset it, we have to plug it in and wait for 12 noon (the clock flashes 12:00 just like a vcr) and at noon you hit the set button, and its good to go!

I have high hopes for Jan though. I think that now she has mastered the Ninja slap, she may move on to more creative methods, rum and coke poured in, or maybe using a carpet 'steam cleaner' to give it that showroom look.

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