Friday, August 10, 2007

The Ultimate Swap Meet Meat Swap

I am always eager to help my friends in far flung parts of the world. I was chatting with Outer Mongolian Mark recently and he is suffering from a distinct lack of Spam. I did try a Spam drive, but it seems like all of my efforts have fallen on stony ground. I can only assume that there is a Spam shortage everywhere but here in Canada.

In order to satiate his craving for Spam I am personally going to ship him a can next week. He was so happy that in a token of appreciation he is shipping me some canned mutton! I am excited, I have never tried canned mutton. I guess that a quick 'google' with turn up all sorts of neat recipes though.

The one 'wild card' in all of this is the various customs checks that these packages are going to have to go through. I am wondering if importing canned mutton is permitted here in Canada? Or for that matter what Outer Mongolia is going to make of Spam?
Oh and just for anyone that does not know Spam, I managed to dredge up the Monty Python skit.

I love an adventure!


bigsoxfan said...

Thanks Simon, My wife's introduction to western food will be complete, now. I'm greatful for the python clip also. The only western humor she been exposed to thus far are the Simpsons and Larry, the Cable Guy. MT will round off nicely.

Bruce A. Bateman said...

Thanks for the link, Simon. I haven't seen that one in many years, but do quote from it from time to time. Next I would like to see the lumberjack song, please.