Saturday, August 11, 2007

Hold The Presses! Canned Mutton rules!

I was minding my own business, but of course Jan wanted to help mind it for me! "what have you been doing?" she asked, I of course said "nothing", well she beat it out of me. I put up as must resistance as I could, but Jan is a Pro! This woman would make a great torturer for the CIA!

It is not often that you get a #1 hit in Google but I seem to have one with the "canned mutton"!

This could well be Mutton Central!

I am looking into registering

This could be the next 'big one'. I can see the headlines already, "Simon flips for $50 million".

Even better would be the New York Times....

"Simon Barrett, businessman turns a fifty cent can of potted meat into a multi million dollar deal! Simon makes Spam look like, well Spam. Canned mutton is where we need to be"

Jamie Oliver was heard to say "Bloody hell! I have been been spending all my time playing with Italians and school dinner ladies. I had no idea that canned mutton existed"!

In between beating his chefs and chefettes for Hells Kitchen Gordon Ramsey remarked "What the F*** is this? I wouldn't serve this shit to my dog!" Gordon does have a cute way with words.

I might be in big trouble here, I am pretty certain that Jan reads this blog! OH SHIT!


bigsoxfan said...

Glad to have helped you find your niche. When my good wife awakens I'll ask her what to do with the stuff. So far, we've just warmed it in the can and spread it on toast. Didn't know it smelled, quess the smell removing machine works. Email your shipping address the mutton fairies will be hitting the Mongol Post tomorrow am.

Bruce A. Bateman said...

In a related story, Time Magazine says that internet mutton must be stopped by federal legislation. Everyone's email inboxes are flooded with mutton and the feds are the only cure. They must step in and curb/silence/kill/eat the mutton, chops and all, or the internet mail system is doomed.