Thursday, August 23, 2007

Danger, Danger Will Robinson.....

You all remember Lost In Space? It was a silly TV show with the worlds strangest robot. His favorite saying was "Danger, Danger Will Robinson'!
Well I certainly could have used the robots help tonight.
Jan wad made some baked pork steaks and salad. I grabbed the plastic salad dressing bottle (Safeway Select Brand - Blue Cheese), took the cap off, inverted the bottle (as recommended) and gave a squeeze. Not much happened, a couple of little drops dribbled out. At that rate, I reasoned, it would take approximated 57.5 years to get enough dressing for the salad.
My problem was obviously that I was not applying enough squeeze to the bottle. So I gave it a quick shake a little more squeeze. The plastic top came bursting out like the bullet from a snipers rifle, closely followed by a explosion of blue cheese dressing, pork, salad, counter, knives and forks, dish cloth, etc, are all now absolutely covered in the stuff.
I looked at the disaster, and keeping a 'stiff upper lip' remarked to Jan "maybe I should have gone for the BBQ sauce instead". If we lived in Southern California I know that I would have a Million Dollar law suit on my hands, but here in Canada, the best I can do is to send a complaint to the company, and of course I will be including the URL to this article!


Bruce A. Bateman said...

I think they used the old 'Robby' robot from "Forbidden Planet" in that show to save a buck on props.

Lost was as bad as Forbidden was good. Too bad that most small screen Sci Fi is just Days of Our Lives with a rocket backdrop.

I like the written genre but not the pale copy seen on the flickering tube.

Bruce A. Bateman said...

Here is an interesting one Mr. Guru. My three year old just mashed a few keys at random on my keyboard and increased the type size of everything that shows on the screen. I didn't know that was even possible. Maybe I should send him to MS school.