Saturday, August 25, 2007

More About Pile-oligy!

The pile theory is a simple one. I started it with clothes, and if you think about it, clothes only exist in three states, clean, not so clean, and currently 'in use'. Using pile-oligy I created 2 piles, one was for stuff that was clean, and one for stuff that was not so clean, I found this method was very effective. You knew when it was time to do laundry, the dead give away was the piles, the not so clean pile being way larger than the clean pile. Occasionally you would find the clean pile empty! That was a sure sign that laundry duty was required!

Of course Pile technology went out the window when Jan arrived. She could not understand the underlying theory and insisted that dirty clothes go in the hamper, and clean clothes go in closets and draws.

I bowed down to her requests, and clothes are no longer in piles. I do try and keep a little pile at the end of the bed, but every couple of days she grabs it! Jan is just not a pile-oligist!

Pile technology is not limited to clothes, you can use the pile theory to almost anything. If I was going after a PHD I would pick piles as my subject. Pretty much you can analyse any situation and end up with between 2 and 4 piles. I run a 4 pile system for my reviews. The to do pile, the working on pile, the I like it pile, and the... argh pile.

The argh pile is without doubt the largest pile, actually we keep it in boxes. And these boxes contain stuff that contravene the latest SALT treaty. If you want to stop the war in Iraq, come visit me. A couple of my boxes dumped in Iraq and the war would be over. Osama would be begging for mercy! "Oh no, not more DVD's"!

I have been under the gun by Jan to get rid of some of the 'Stuff'. so I did, 7.5 lbs of stuff is now on its way to Saipan. You will notice I talk weight rather than content! It is a sad situation when I measure music and movies by the pound! But that is what it has become. I took 2.9 Kilograms of stuff to the post office today. That's about 7 pounds! Ha I thought, I am winning.

Boy was I wrong! Even tho it is Saturday, some idiot delivery company left a box outside my door, and the weight was 3kg! I lost. I am now 1lb more in the red than i was before.


Anonymous said...
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Bruce A. Bateman said...

Remember, Simon, that a pile is just a vertical file. So when the unbelievers complain (sorry Jan) just 'splain it to them as a vertically executed organizational paradigm.

And yes, I fully sympathize with the 'various stages of laundry' theory. With proper management one can get by for weeks without doing the laundry. I used to use door knobs rather than piles. Shirts stored that way come back to wearable in just a couple of days. Think of the lint we keep out of the water treatment system! It's the American, and Canadian, way !

Now that I am married I have to fight to keep a shirt from hitting that washing machine while still on my back. (:-))