Thursday, August 30, 2007

Wild Times In Review World

It certainly has been a strange couple of weeks. Although the truth is it's such a strange world that if you are involved in it, nothing should surprise you.

I have been angling for an interview with Greg Lake (ELP), but had pretty much thought that it was a lost cause, I had heard nothing from the Greg Lake people, not even a 'We got your email, email', and that usually signals bad times ahead! Mind you, I had a pretty similar time with Rick Wakeman's 'people', until through a circuitous route someone at the record label got involved, in a flash, we had an interview set up.

In what can only be classed as an amazing co-incidence this same record exec knows Greg Lake, and has greased the wheels, so we have a Greg Lake interview being set up! It sure is a question of who you know!

The other bizarre aspect of reviewing is the 'stuff' you get. You would think that with the cost of using delivery services someone would be in charge of making sure that you only send stuff once. This is not the case, I get double of stuff, I get double books, I get double CD's. Trust me, I really only need one copy!

I have a whole pile of stuff en route, and what arrives, another copy of a CD from a band that we are going to see in concert in a couple of weeks!

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