Tuesday, August 21, 2007

JFK The Ultimate Conspiracy?

There have been a gazillion books, movies, and documentaries made about what happened in Dealy Plaza on Nov/22 1963. Everyone from the Mafia, CIA, Castro, and probably bloody aliens have been accused of assassinating JFK. It is a subject that just will not go away. I am by no means a crusader of the cause, but I have read my fair share of books on the subject.

As a reviewer you do actually have to read the words, so very likely I do know quite a lot about the plots and subplots.

Without doubt the only real evidence is that grainy home movie that everyone has seen 10 thousand times. In the JFK fraternity it is called 'The Zapruder tape', it is an Super 8mm tape. This certainly is not IMAX quality. In fact it is pretty crappy.

Dan Robertson has just released a new book, it's slim at only 115 pages, but is rich in detail. A couple of years ago the Zapruder family allowed MPI Media Group access to the original 8mm film, this is footage that few people have ever seen. On the day of the event Zapruder went to Kodak and had them develop his film and make 3 copies, it is copies of the copies that we have seen on the TV. This process is not like copying a digital file, I can make as many copies as I like of an MP3, and everyone of them will be exactly the same. When you copy analog you lose definition with each copy.

The MPI guys went one stage further with the original, they used a medium format camera to click each frame (don't be fooled with the term medium format, it is a better camera than any sensible person could afford) and then took the frames and bolted it back together.

You end up with something that is better than the original! Yes I know that sounds bizarre, but it is true.

The DVD has little commentary, it just shows the fateful journey that JFK took.

Dan Robertson adds that missing commentary in his book.

I have always had an open mind to what happened that day. But I have to admit that this combo has got me thinking. I don't think any one that has an IQ bigger than their hat size believes that the Warren Commission did a good job. In fact it is my opinion that the Warren Commission are why we are still fascinated about the assassination 45 years later.

Try it out, my review has links to what you will need.


Bruce A. Bateman said...

I'm not a conspiracy fan but the offering looks like an interesting read. I'm ordering the book from Amazon....where to get the disc?

Simon Barrett said...

The DVD is from http://www.mpihomevideo.com/?p=25467&pid=1547&pcid=&ccid=&l=

And I really recomend you get it, I was very suprised by it.

Anonymous said...

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